Plazas Gerenciales

The success of Outback is the result of our Principles and Beliefs. We believe that if we take care of our people—Outbackers, customers, suppliers, neighbors and partners—then the institution of Outback will take care of itself.

We wish to provide management with the opportunity to pursue family and personal interests outside the restaurant and in their community; therefore our restaurants are usually managed by a 3-person team: The Managing Partner, Manager, and Kitchen Manager. Management in Outback truly means you will spend your time being focused on serving our customers and supporting fellow Outbackers.

One element that attracts great people to Outback is the equity stake we offer to all Managing Partners. Additionally, Managing Partners have a 5-year contract, which contributes to our stable environment and low turnover of both management and hourly employees. Our managers rotate shifts, so you can expect to work a wide range of hours, including closings, weekend, and holidays.

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