A message from the president
At the heart of Outback Steakhouse is a solid foundation built upon the uniqueness of our people. We believe in the sanctity of the individual, the value of diversity and in treating people with kindness, respect and understanding. The success of Outback Steakhouse is the result of putting our people first. We celebrate the varied experiences, talents and enthusiasm that our Outbackers, Customers, Purveyors, Neighbors and Partners bring to our organization. For 21 years we have strived to be a positive force in the lives of our people and our communities. Everyday we are proud to work with people that reflect the communities they live in. We honor their contributions and seek to create an inclusive restaurant family that we can all call our own.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
President, Outback Steakhouse

Inclusion is Leveraging our Strengths
We believe our country is a melting pot of diverse people from different backgrounds and we are committed that Bloomin' Brands, Inc. be a reflection of this great diversity. We draw our collective strength from the special kind of energy that comes when people from diverse backgrounds work together towards one common goal. We also never forget that it is important to have fun while pursuing that common goal!

Inclusion is the Synergy of Connections
We recognize that talent, ambition and "the just right" attitude are qualities found in people of every race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status and disability. Sharing is in the heart of our People. Having our People make connections with members of social associations, civic groups, schools and other nonprofits is essential to our future growth and success of our restaurants in their local markets and home office.

Bloomin' Brand is proud of our support of the MultiCultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance; our compass for inclusive progress.

A valued corporate citizen
We support and serve on the boards of many cultural and ethnic heritage associations across the country. We encourage our leaders at every level to join groups with memberships who may not look like them but are interested in knowing our success model. We also reward their careers for building such connections.

Supplier Diversity
We have grown several businesses as they have helped us grow. We make sure that sharing success is important so contact us with your product or service suggestions by clicking here.

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