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About Outback Steakhouse International

The first international Outback Steakhouse location opened in 1996, less than 10 years after the first U.S. location.

Today, Outback Steakhouse® is an international casual dining leader with more than 200 Company-owned and franchised restaurant locations in 21 countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.


The international menu takes what customers love about Outback in the U.S. and adds variety to meet local taste preferences.  For example, a typical international menu may feature local beef cuts such as Picanha in Brazil or Churrasco in Mexico, in addition to the traditional Outback Special sirloin. 

Product or ingredient availability in a region also drives specific menu offerings.  An example is the iconic Bloomin’ Onion®, which is replaced by the Typhoon Bloom in Southeast Asia because the exact onion needed for the Bloom is not readily available there.  The wildly popular Pavlova dessert in Australia is another example of local demand driving menu offerings.

Nearly all international locations serve lunch, as well as dinner, every day of the week.


As with the food menu, Outback serves a wide range of locally relevant beverages.  In Brazil, you will find various caipirinha recipes using several exotic fruits and berries including passion fruit, all available with the local favorite liquor cachaza.  In our Korean locations, fruit juices mixed with soda are very popular  -  from kiwi-ades to strawberry juice when the season is right.

Restaurant Design

International restaurants tend to follow U.S. design guidelines with some modifications to account for local needs and customs.  Most restaurants are in shopping centers or office buildings, very few are free standing.  In Asian cities, where space is at a particular premium, many restaurants are located above the ground floor and sometimes split in two separate floors.

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