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The Mobile Revolution Down Under

Outback Steakhouse is the steakhouse that started it all. Let us present the newest chapter in Outback's story - the Outback App. It's the fastest, mobile way to enjoy your favorite steakhouse. Get seated faster, pay when you’re ready, and sign up for our rewards program. Scroll to learn more!

Get Seated Faster

Tell us when you want to arrive. But if there's a wait, get on the list to reduce your time. The app allows you to check in when you’re near the restaurant.


The app lets you easily save your coupons and earn rewards. Plus, you can save and store your credit card to pay even faster.

Pay When You’re Ready

Forget the paper bill. Now you can pay with your phone and leave whenever you want - no need to flag down your server.

Eat. Earn. Redeem.

Want 50% off your 4th visit (up to $20)? Join our Dine Rewards program directly in the app. Once you link your account then tracking rewards is easy.

But Wait, There's More!

View the Bill

See everything you ordered within the app.

Split The Bill

You can still split a check with your friends and each pay from their own app.

Tipping Made Easy

When you pay at the end of your meal, include your tip right in the app.

No More Coupon Clipping!

Our app stores all your coupons so no need to bring the coupon folder or search for an email.

Now Available for Download

Android Iphone
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