Gluten-Free Menu Items

Outback Steakhouse is serious about gluten-free. For over a decade we’ve designed gluten-free options for those who need and chose to eat gluten-free. Our Registered Dietitians work closely with our chefs to create a variety of gluten-free options including - salads, steaks, chicken, seafood, ribs, fresh vegetables and our famous gluten-free dessert the Thunder from Down Under - with the same care and quality as every menu item we create.


We know you have questions, and we have answers. Here are our frequently asked gluten-free questions answered by our Registered Dietitians.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a combination of proteins naturally found in the common grains wheat, rye and barley. It is also found in foods made from these grains such as malt, which is made from barley.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder. Currently, there isn’t a treatment that can cure Celiac Disease. Removing gluten from the diet, however, controls the disease and limits many of the related complications.

Are there any other gluten-related disorders?

The science behind gluten and its effect on the body is evolving and is being connected to many other disorders, including non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which is estimated to affect millions of Americans.

How does Outback Steakhouse create its Gluten-Free Menu?

Our Registered Dietitians and Culinary team review each ingredient carefully to ensure that it can be used to create flavorful gluten-free dishes. From there, we work with our training team to teach the importance of understanding what gluten is, how to prepare gluten-free menu items, and best ways to serve the needs of our gluten-free guests. It’s important that we execute our gluten-free menu items flawlessly and understand the needs of our gluten-free guests from the minute they walk in the door to when they take their last bite.

Are Outback’s seasonings gluten-free?

Yes. All Outback seasonings are gluten-free.

Does Outback have a gluten-free kitchen?

We strive to offer gluten-free menu options, but do not have gluten-free kitchens. Because our dishes are prepared-to-order, during normal kitchen operations, individual foods may come into contact with one another due to shared cooking and preparation areas. Thus, we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with foods containing gluten will not occur; however, we take every step possible to prevent this.

How does Outback reduce the risk of cross-contact with gluten?

Outback provides gluten-free education to all of its employees and has a protocol for each time a gluten-free menu item is ordered. This includes: hand washing, glove changing, using clean cooking equipment and utensils, and special ordering instructions for our chefs.

Is a gluten-free diet healthful?

For people with Celiac Disease, a gluten-free diet is essential because it is the only treatment. For those without Celiac or other gluten-related disorders, a gluten-free diet can be a way to focus on increasing the consumption of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, seafood, beans, nuts, healthy fats and naturally gluten-free whole grains like brown rice, amaranth, millet and quinoa. However, if not careful, a gluten-free diet can lack essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Also, be aware that some gluten-free products can contain more sugar and fat than its gluten-containing counterpart. Whether you need or choose to eat gluten-free, thoughtful planning and label-reading are essential components to a healthful gluten-free diet.

Are Outback’s gluten-free menu items certified as gluten-free?

Outback works with a third party expert to oversee and validate our Gluten-Free Menu and processes, but the menu items do not have a gluten-free certification. We also have strong ties with the Gluten Intolerance Group. Their gluten experts help guide us in the right direction and keep us on top of gluten-related topics, consumer needs and scientific research.

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